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Corinna Fales Consulting

Expert​ Writer/Editor 

at Your Service 

Book Publisher Certificate - IAP Career  College 

BOONE STREET BOOKS & Editorial Services launches soon. 


Corinna Fales Consulting


 ~ Development through final copy ~ 

Serving Authors, Educators & Researchers, Physicians, Service Agencies & Consultancies 

  • Book Development
  • Multiculturalism Projects 
  • ESL Editing 
  • Reports & Journal Articles


Since my first professional writing assignment—a field research report for the Library of Congress (portions of which were published)—I have learned what works and what doesn't.

To all projects, I bring my love for clear, accessible, and engaging communication. Over time, I have come to focus on book development and educational writing/editing, as well as on diversity and inclusion topics. I enjoy working on projects that matter. I also enjoy working with ESL professors, physicians, agencies for international development, and other writers to shore up their manuscripts for submission to English-language publications, and continue to be successful in doing so.


Style, voice, organization, and content must fit each project. I will collaborate joyfully with you to produce a product you are proud of. If I edit for you, my first obligation is to retain your voice and intended meaning while I help to produce clear and effective materials for your intended audience. If I work for you as a writer, I apply the same accuracy and appropriateness with an eye to impactful messaging. 


I am skilled at all levels of editing and can take you from concept and development through copyediting (or any part of that you choose).


I always give you my best, am easy to collaborate with, and am straightforward about all aspects of my work, from my results-oriented recommendations to my business arrangements. Talk to me about your project, and let's see if you think I can help it to shine.  For a fun interview about my book (This book is NOT a safe space), with Ching Juhl in NYC: click here: 

For an interview with me about being an author, featured in Authority Magazine and Thrive Global, click below: 

Authority Magazine:

Thrive Global:

For a webinar in which I spoke about a film on the Chicago 8/7 Conspiracy Trial, click the YouTube link below. I was an unindicted co-conspirator in the Chicago 7 case and learned a lot that changed my life.  



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"This book is a real gift, an unusual contribution to the necessary conversation--really an upheaval--about how we, who are a 'this,' a 'that,' and 'an other' are to live with those who are not this, not that, and not the other."

- Todd Gitlin, Professor of

Journalism & Sociology;

Chair, PhD Program in          Communications, 

Columbia University 

To watch a short, promo video:

Click here to buy at Amazon

To learn more about this interview-based book on our universal human difficulty with difference--seen through the lens of life at the first degree-granting Historically Black College/University, where I grew up--click on the About My Books page. To purchase, click on the link to the left.

I welcome speaking engagements and opportunities to share views on diversity topics.